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Hey guys and gals,
I joined this community today for what you guys may find as a weird or crazy reason. No, I don't SI, and I know thats what this community is meant for, however I joined for a different reason. I don't want this to seem like I'm using you guys and your pain for my own personal gain, but I'm really here to find out more about SI-ing. My girlfriend who I also consider my best friend SI's and I find it impossible to understand when it comes from her, and I believe that is because I am too involved emotionally to understand. I'm looking for some help or insight to help her and myself out. I wanna know how you guys cope with it, and what causes you guys to do it. I wanna get a deeper insight into it so I understand it better when my girlfriend does it. I'm here to help myself help my girlfriend and I get through it. I hope you guys embrace me and can help me out as much as possible and I thank you in advance. Anyone who wants to reach me can on Aim at NoLeafClover6388 or e-mail me at Thanks guys /\m/\
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