screamingxeyes (screamingxeyes) wrote in cutmyvein,

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God damn it. Look at me doing the same thing I always do. Wearing the mask of lies, I promised myself I would take it off, but it is so much easier to hide behind it. When people talk to you about things, do you act as though it isn't a problem when really it kills you. I don't know why, I just do it all the time.

I act all calm and collect when inside I'm screaming in pain, I just want to match the inside to the outside. Cut out the pain. cut, cut, cut.

I'm just lying to myself, I keep telling myself I'm going to quit and be okay, but I'm not. I can't even see myself with out cutting. I'm not ever really trying. I'm just in so much pain all the time. I just want it to pour it with my blood, and flow away, go away. Leave me be for five seconds. I'm so tired of the pain. It stings and burns. When will I get to be happy? *screams loudly*
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